Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the Bruschetta

The golden tomatoes are grown at the Urban Farms, less then one mile from our house, in the middle of tall trees and kudzu.

The basil grows next to the hill country red okra, yellow midget watermelon and the fountain of lemongrass; it grows, profusely, generously, in our garden.

The balsamic glaze was crafted by charming husband, who insists on filling the house with the piercing smell of vinegar, knowing that after you add the cinnamon and the orange, it pays off when it touches your tongue. Explosion of flavor and goodness.

And the little sourdough toasts came from the Fresh Market, a smaller-than-mega-grocery store that many of us love for its feeling of the small-town grocery. (We can't forget the feta cheese, with it's delicious tartness.)


(photo credit: Matthew Clark)

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